must be done!

hoho.. Being accepted in ITB means I must face a new kind of life… move from semarang to bandung. I have to be ready for meeting new peoples with their own cultures that surely have huge differences with me. I can’t be spoiled anymore. Mom and dad won’t accompany me there, so, whom must I botch to? hee..

Place where I struggled for getting a seat in ITB. I ‘ve tried live in bandung for a month, and the result? Yeah.. finally I’m fall in love with it. For a moment, I feel it’s hard to be alone in bandung, without my parent, I mean. Imagine,I must go around bandung and looking for all new things by my self! Huh.. sometimes I cried at night, people said I got homesick syndrome,hehe.. but, by the day, I understand, it must be done if I want to reach my dream. Furthermore, I can’t be dependent on my parent forever, can I?

After a week, I began realize… additional activities I’ve ever met is amazing. Learn how to start a conversation with another, find out new kinds of food, try to understand what people say in Sunda, and the biggest things is: I almost reach all places in bandung =D. Wherever I went, I take some public transportation, called angkot. Unlucky, I’m not smart enough for remembering angkot route.. you must know what I mean.. I take incorrect angkot everytime and it carried me to unknown areas, so, in a pinch I have to go there although it is not my real destination,hehe..

In bandung, I live with bude. she is my dad’s elder sister. Becoming a part of her family is fun.. of course, I must bow to the rules. I have to get up early, help for sweeping the floor, wash my own dishes or cloths, and don’t forget to turn off lights in the morning or turn on it in the evening. It’s not like my daily routine at home, but it’s easy to do..so, doesn’t matter =D

Another reason, why I begin to enjoy my life in bandung is… there are thousands place for shopping.. hahaha… I start to be ordinary girl.. shopaholic , wakakakkk… hehe, calm down,, In fact, until now I still able to manage my money :D.. hm, One more.. I like milk so much,much.. let me tell you.. In Bude’s home, there are 4 brands of milk … hm, I can choose, what taste I want to drink. Actually, there are 6 kinds of milk.. millo 3in1, Frisian Flag vanilla or chocolate flavor, Frisian flag full cream, pregnagen and blide milk. Sure, I wasn’t attracted with 2 latest brand. Why? Pregnagen is milk for pregnant woman, and blade is for a man who has trouble with his knee.. high calsium milk for rheumatic syndrome,I mean.. I’m still teenager so,, yeah, it’s better for not choosing them, hehe

Wish my days in bandung will be great :D. whatever the situation will be, whenever, wherever, hopefully I can enjoy all the moment.

Hh,, how amazing bandung was, for ever and ever, I will always love semarang, my home sweet home. :D

6 komentar:

Gandhi Anwar mengatakan...

Aha! Jadi pengen ke bandung lagi... PDl cm 2 jam.. Bandung yu bandung... :)

acy mengatakan...

udah diterima di itb yaw rin, selamat yaw :)

Muni mengatakan...

wah2, hebat bisa keterima di ITB. Jdi kita senasib donk. :) sekolah jauh dari ortu. Kalo aku homesicknya cuma sebentar. hahaha. Tapi enakan dirumah sih..bener ga? home sweet home.

abiyasa mengatakan...

met datang di teknik lingkungan...semoga menjadi "pemulung sejati" hehehe..

d'owner mengatakan...

to gandhi:
iya.. dateng aja ke bandung.. ntar ketemu ririn.. hihi.. ^lah, sapa juga yg mo cari ririn.. :D

to acy:
makasih, ya cy..

to muni:
iya..di rumah ga usah heboh naik turun tangga 5 lantai, hihi

to abiyasa:
yee,,,liat ntar 2012..ririn udah lulus.. kerja pemulung most wanted deh.. wakakakkk^apa sih..

Anonim mengatakan...


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