when do I have free time?
can i spent one day for managing my blog?
can i bring my rides for servicing?
can i stay at home for relaxing?
can i enjoy my day for watching movies?
can i rearranges my room?
can i read blog's book?
can i go to gramed?
can i buy recharges baterai?
yes, i can. but when?

yah, pity me. for a long time spent the days by day dreaming. thought about useless things. all right people said "malu bertanya sesat di jalan" but if i ask for anything, just asking, and asking without doing, when do i catch my goal?!

one day, I arrived in the special day. full of thinking. full of stress. full of task. confused to choose the first priority,and the end, after spending so much time, I just thought,thought, and thought. too bussy for regreting how short the time is. too much complaining. finally,nothing task have been done.

one day after, I arrived in the challenging day. there were two ways for choosing. There is just few time left. I must decide how I'll spent it.is it for complaining or for doing?

two days after, i arrived in the bright day. Let's be calm. Prayed to Allah, and my self was better. Tried to do the simplest task, continued by doing the bigger one,always think possitively, and believe that i can do it. with a little bit patient, hh,,I've finished my job. How great i'm.

after 3days journey, i learn.
i mustn't be worried cuz I know,,,
actually, i've had all of things that i need.

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